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Kalamazoo First Assembly of God
The Two week 2: "The Influence of #TheTwo"
It’s been said, “Words are containers. They carry faith or fear, and they produce after their kind.” This is what we find in the Old Testament book of Numbers chapters 13 and 14. Twelve men were sent out from the people of Israel into a land of promise, to see the land and the people there and to bring back a report for all Israel to hear. All twelve encountered the same journey, but not all twelve saw the same thing. Ten were overwhelmed with what they were up against but TWO were confident about what God had give them. In the face of national changes and a shifting culture, God is calling for Caleb’s and Joshua’s to rise up and speak out in faith and encouragement. We need people to be like “The Two” who chose to see the world with the eyes of faith and respond with passion. We need a culture shift where the Church can rise up as a voice of encouragement in the midst of a culture that feeds off of fear. What kind of world are we creating with our words? Who do you identify with, the ten or the two? Fear belongs to the ten but it takes faith to be “The Two.”
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  • Kfirst
    5550 Oakland Dr, Portage, MI 49024, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM
What captures your attention may blind you to the obvious.

What captures your attention will influence what your worship.

"Humans are worshipping creatures, and even when they don’t consciously or even unconsciously worship any kind of god they are all involved in the adoring pursuit of something greater than themselves. Worship transforms humans, all of us, all the time, since you become like what you worship: those who worship money, power or sex have their characters formed by those strange powers, so that little by little the money-worshipper sees and experiences the world in terms of financial opportunities or dangers, the power-hungry person sees and experiences the world and other humans in terms of chances to gain power or threats to existing power, and the sex-worshipper sees the world in terms of possible conquests (that word is interesting in itself) or rivals. Those who consciously and deliberately choose not to worship those gods still have a range of others to select from, each of which will be character-forming in various ways." N.T. Wright
What you worship will shape your character and influence your behavior.

Your character and behavior will spread to influence those around you.



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