Dover Assembly
November 13th, 2016
Locations & Times
  • Dover Assembly of God
    4790 Carlisle Rd, Dover, PA 17315, USA
    Sunday 10:30 AM


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Nov-Dec Calendar
Nov 23 ~ Thanksgiving Eve Service (All classes in Sanctuary)
Nov 24-25 ~ Thanksgiving - Office Closed

Dec 1 ~ Men’s Christmas Dinner
Dec 10 ~ All-Church Christmas Dinner
Dec 15 ~ Deacon Board Christmas Dinner
Dec 14 ~ Youth, Ranger & Girls Ministry Party
Dec 16 ~ Women’s Christmas Dinner
Dec 24 ~ Christmas Eve Candlelight Service - 6:00pm
Dec 25 ~ Christmas Day Service - 11:00am-12:00pm (No Sunday School)

NO SERVICES: Wed Dec 21, & 28

New Year’s Eve ~ TBD ~ More info coming
Jan 1 ~ Worship Service only - 11:00am-12:00pm (No Sunday School)

Please note all time changes!
Listen...listen to what?

God's word!
Did you know that we will be held accountable for every sermon, and lesson we have heard?

We should always be alert & listening!
3 Things James Is Addressing In This Verse...

1st ~ If we are talking when we should be listening, we will miss what God wants to do.

2nd ~ When we are confronted with the truth of God’s word our first reaction is to argue with it. If not audibly, then in our hearts and minds.

3rd ~ When we speak in public, or witness to someone, we need to be mindful of our bible knowledge and maturity.
Did God do something miraculous for you? Simply tell people what it was. Don’t feel the need to do a 3-point sermon about it or analyze the Greek or Hebrew. Just tell the story.

Slow to speak. Doesn’t say DON’T speak, it simply says be careful not to go beyond what is needed at that point.
Again there are 2 tracts for this...

1 - If we follow the context of what James has written up till now, the whole of it has been to seek God’s word for wisdom and direction. Correct?
If you have troubles, seek God’s word.
If temptations come your way, seek God’s word.
Let God’s word remind you about how good He is and that he always gives good gifts.

Seek God's word!
Sometimes we may be tempted to be upset with something that is in God’s word because we don’t like it or it conflicts with what we like or want to do.
Again there are 2 tracts for this...

2 - Don’t argue about God’s word with others.
Focus on being what God has called you to be and don’t let the other stuff bring you down.

Paul said as mature believers, we should agree on becoming like Christ and not stress about the other stuff. It will take care of itself.
If we strive to be like Jesus, then the rest will automatically fall into place.
Getting angry and fighting IS NOT GOD’S WILL!

It does not and will not make us righteous according to God.
We should have a righteous indignation and anger against what the enemy is doing in people’s lives.
Take this time to seek God and guaranteed, you’ll find Him!

Thanks for joining us!

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