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Grow | 20 May 20 | Teaching From Philippians Week 2 - Danie Van Tonder| Urban Life Church
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Philippians (Week 2)

Welcome to week two of ‘Teaching From Philippians'.
Philippians is the ‘tattoo’ letter among all the letters that Paul wrote. There are two quotations from this letter that are probably the most tattooed Bible quotations on Christian bodies around the world. ‘For me to live is Christ and to die is gain’And‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’

I want to approach this letter over the next few weeks under four headings:
1. The wonder of the Gospel
2. The wonder of the Christ
3. The wonder of the Church
4. The wonder of the Christian Life


Firstly some helpful books:
1.What is the Gospel by Greg Gilbert
2. Gospel by JD Greear

Gospel (simple definition) = the message of the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus and what it means for mankind

1. The Gospel is a partnership (1:5-7)

a. Between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
i. Jesus was sent by the Father
ii. Jesus obeyed as a Son
iii. The Holy Spirit empowered Jesus as a man
b. Between Jesus and us
i. Jesus seeks and finds us
ii. We respond with faith
c. Between man and man
i. We preach the Gospel
ii. We encourage one another
d. Between churches
i. Friendship between leaders
ii. Gathering to worship and be taught
iii. Working together to plant churches and reach nations

2. The Gospel works
The Word of God carries within itself the power to fulfill itself – Luke 1:38 (Mary)
a. The gospel advances (1:12)
b. The Gospel changes hearts
c. The Gospel crosses borders
d. The Gospel motivates the way we act
e. The Gospel influences the way we live

3. The Gospel is filled with power
a. When the Gospel is preached, it overcomes
b. The Gospel must be defended and established (1:7; 1:16)
c. Not defended because it is weak
d. Defense – a reasoned statement of argument,– can you share and defend the Gospel
e. The Gospel shared, wins
f. Establishment – confirmation of, to stand up for (TPT) – can you confirm the Gospel through words and deeds
g. Do you know and have some understanding of the language of salvation justified, sin, sanctification, etc.

4. The Gospel is worth it
a. The Gospel is worth labouring fighting for (4:3)
b. Contended – diligently laboured (TPT)
c. Everything we do as believers is spiritual warfare
d. We fight for the Gospel to be preached
e. We fight for the Gospel to grow in us
f. We don’t give up but we labour for the Gospel

Some questions to ask yourself this week:
1. Is the Gospel wonderful to you? Are you captivated by the wonder of the Gospel?
2. Where in your life is the power of the Gospel seen?
3. Do you know how to explain the Gospel to someone?
4. Where, in your life, is the Gospel bearing fruit?
5. Where, in your life, is the Gospel not bearing fruit?
6. How are you partnering, in your local church, in the Gospel