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Pivot Point Week 7: "Pivot Into Progress"
Life is full of “Jacob moments.” I like to call them “Pivot Points.” These are the moments in life that can to set you back, but through Christ, can propel you forward. In September and October, we’ll trace Jacob’s life. We’ll look at his decisions, and we’ll see how God used each moment, each “Pivot Point,” to grow this “deceiver” into a “Prince of God.”
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  • Kfirst
    5550 Oakland Dr, Portage, MI 49024, USA
    неділя 12:30 дня
The church isn’t a gathering of perfection but place of progress.

1 - Get in a position for progress.

You will never have all that God has until He has all that you are.

2 – Understand: Progress is not passive.

3 – Progress will require patience.

Too many people abandon the direction of progress because they don’t see the scope of progress.

4 - Progress will cost you.

Don't pray for what you are unwilling won't pay for.

Abraham = PROMISE

If we see ourselves in a state of constant growth; we’ll see a greater need for discipleship.

Next Steps:
1.You have to make what God says about you bigger than what happened to you.
2.Ask yourself about your ”next step.” See your life as a vessel of progression and not a finished product.

The church isn't a gathering of perfection but a place of progress. #PivotPoint


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