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True Religion - The Traitor Within
Traitor Within - James 1:13-18
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It is not a sin to be TEMPTED. It is a sin to GIVE IN TO TEMPTATION
When tempted, don't blame OTHERS
When tempted, don't blame the BAIT
When tempted, RUN! Don't try to RESIST.

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For Further Study:

Community Group Homework
For the week of October 9, 2016
Looking back at this weekend’s teaching on “The Traitor Within,” was there a particular point, comment, or verse that caught your attention, challenged, or confused you?
Digging Deeper & TAKING IT HOME
1. None of us want to be known as the person who’s blowing it. Realizing that we are giving in to temptation can be quite humbling and frightening to admit. What hope and incentive do the following verses give us when this occurs?
Proverbs 18:12
Isaiah 57:15
Hebrews 4:14-16
James 4:6
2. We often fall into sin because we don’t understand how subtle temptation is. It takes us through a series of small compromises and/or unwise decisions until we are enticed into sinning. So if we want to avoid temptation or stand up to it when it comes, we need to be prepared. How could the following passages help prepare you to deal with any temptations that may come your way?
Galatians 6:7-10
Romans 6:12-13
Hebrews 2:17-18
What do you find most useful to you from these passages in helping you deal with temptation?
One of the important reasons for participation in a Community Group is the support we have available when we face temptation. One of the keys to not falling into temptation is to not operate in isolation.

Looking back over the years, how has your Community Group experience encouraged, challenged or helped you in your walk with Jesus and connection with other people?

Mike mentioned that “failure need not be final”. One of the reasons that statement is true is because of what Christ did for us by dying for our sins. His death made his grace and forgiveness available to us. An important way to remember God’s grace and forgiveness is through celebrating Communion. Communion reminds us of all that Jesus accomplished through his death on the cross and his resurrection. It is through this sacrifice that Jesus’ grace and mercy are made available to us.
This week, your Community Group will conclude by doing as the disciples did and taking Communion together. To prepare for this, read the following verses and reflect on Jesus’ commitment and work in your life as you follow him.
1 Peter 2:22-25
Romans 5:7-11
1 Corinthians 11:23-26