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Shatter: Leave Your Idols Behind

Shatter: Leave Your Idols Behind

7 Days

Our faith isn’t a one-time moment of acceptance and salvation—it’s a continual walk with God as we seek to be more like Jesus. And we’re not alone on this journey! Hebrews 12 says that not only has Jesus walked the same path before us, but centuries of fellow believers who have faced every kind of challenge, sin, and peer pressure have run this race before us and are cheering us on. There are many things in our world that hinder our race. Our own sin, the sin of others, or even the good things we put in our life ahead of following Jesus. But we are empowered by the Holy Spirit to shatter every chain and sin and take our next steps in faith! What is holding you back? What’s keeping you trapped in fear and frustration? What is that thing in your life that you need to shatter to continue following hard after God?

We would like to thank Berea for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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