She Reads Truth: 2 Peter : Day 1


If you've ever spent time with someone in the twilight of his or her life, you understand the wisdom they often have to offer, and at times, are quite desperate to share. We are privileged to get the opportunity to soak in such wisdom with Peter in his writings in 2 Peter.

Ladies, Peter 2 is a short book, but it's chock full of some major messages. And those messages come from a Chosen source. Peter was a servant by choice, but an apostle by divine appointment. As such, we should perk our ears to the wisdom he shares near the end of his life.

Encouraging descriptions of our experience in Christ.

Powerful warnings of false teachers.

The guarantee of Christ's joyful return.

Though Peter lived in a much different time, these messages are timeless, if not extra necessary, today. They speak of first-hand experiences of a man who walked - literally walked - with Christ. And most importantly, they speak of Truth, the most timeless message of all.

As we prepare for this weeklong study today, we invite you to take a cursory reading of 2 Peter, familiarizing yourself with the central messages. Then, come back tomorrow when we'll start to dig deeper.

Come, take in Peter's experience and wisdom. Soak it in. Share what words reach you. Your own perspective and insight is so valuable to our study.

We look forward to this week of learning and growing with you!

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