Art And Scripture

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“Your Word You Breathed”

Notes From Jessica Jones About the Painting:

In this devotion series we combine Art with Bible reading. We would encourage you as the reader to mediate on the art as you do the verses. Art has a way of stirring up questions, depth of meaning, and interpretative elements about Biblical texts that often go overlooked. 

In our culture, we are so overwhelmed by images each and everyday. We’ve lost the ability to understand the gift God gives us through the artist. Artists can make “visible the invisible,” and help us tangibly contemplate Faith (the evidence of things unseen).

Use the artist’s notes below to help you interpret the passage as well as the painting. We pray this study helps you grow in your maturity as a disciple of Christ, but also in your ability to enjoy, revel in, and feast your senses on all of God’s creation—His artwork!

1. God breathes out Scripture. The Wind/Breath atmosphere is created in this painting by a swirling motion.

2. The colors are chosen to reflect some of God’s attributes, since He is Scripture’s author: 

    - Fire/Red/Orange represent holiness. God is a consuming fire (Heb. 12:29)

    - White represents purity

    - Yellow shows God’s glory and righteousness

    - Blue/Purple is for His royalty as the Sovereign King

3. Swirling colors are done in a pen-like motion as if they are writing God’s Word.

4. The Wind and Fire also connect with the Holy Spirit who is also Scripture’s author: Acts 2:2-3, 2 Pt. 1:20-21 

5. Scripture was originally written on scrolls, so the golden, semi-transparent scroll weaves around the painting. The scroll extends back into space, appearing endless (reminiscent of eternity and the eternality of God and His word).