Guiding Light

DAY 17 OF 20

You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to become a detective. Whether your mystery was tracking down the orange fingers of a Cheeto thief or working with your friends to beat an escape room, there's always something to try and solve. But what if the mystery you’re currently trying to solve is a little more important? Especially when it comes to working through tough questions about life! There's something all mysteries have in common – the search for evidence. 

There are mysteries about following Jesus. They come in the form of questions with no clear answers. Jesus said there is one piece of evidence that shows you are following Him. It’s not the amount of Scripture you know, how much church merch you own, or how often you go to church. All of these are great, but Jesus says there is one simple way others will know that you are His follower . . . how you love others. Jesus' life was an example of how to love others, but it can still be hard to follow. That's why He gave us the Holy Spirit - to help us love well.

How do you think the way you treat others is an example of God's love? 


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Guiding Light

Let’s be honest — life would be a lot easier if God spoke to us in really obvious ways. Audible words. Clear signs. Guiding lights. Well, there’s some good news. Jesus couldn’t stick around on Earth forever, but He sent ...

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