Regroup - a Process of Healing for Pain, Grief, and Addiction

Regroup - a Process of Healing for Pain, Grief, and Addiction

DAY 6 OF 6


Step 5:  “We” Consider - “How can I internalize what I’ve learned?” “Who can I share this process with?”

At this point in the process, you are transitioning from a personal process to a community process. You are becoming a peacemaker. This passage in Romans, building on all the previous arguments, is now calling those who stand on the truth, “the strong.” And if you consider yourself ready to be strong, it gives several commands:

First,  the passage urges you to help those around you when they fail. Part of this means forgiving them when they fail you. It means being willing to deal with the consequences of their sins. And it means not getting frustrated over and over when people don’t perform the way you want them to. 

Second, the passage tells you to please others and build them up. Another way to say that is you should be loving and you should speak truth. This passage is talking about how you balance love and truth. You accept people, but you also tell them the truth.

Third, the passage commands you to accept others. This passage is specific to the way that you treat other Christians. You should figure out ways to accept other Christians even when you don’t like them.. 

The climax of the passage showcases a moment when believers everywhere will be united as they glorify God together.

The purpose of understanding the steps you have gone through in this plan is to find healing in your own life - but the final part of using this process is to help others to come to terms with pain they have experienced in their lives too. 

All of Christians have experienced things in our lives that have stopped them from being healthy people and passionate disciples of Jesus -- and so it is important for you to accept others when they struggle.. Following him and loving other people well is the call given to all Christians - and to all people who want to experience healing from past pain in their lives. 

One day, all Christians everywhere are going to be singing and praising God. That’s the picture this passage is painting. We start doing that here on earth by sharing the tools we have learned.

Today’s Challenge:

Remember this process: Me, They, God, You, We - and repeat using it with other areas of hurt and pain you want to find healing from.

Consider who you need to share this reading plan and the process of healing that you have learned over the past 6 days with. Write down their names. Consider “What will it take for me to live with a clean slate?” “Do I need accountability?” “Who else do you need to think through this process with?”and “ What other relationships do I have that need repair?”.

A Final Word: 

All people go through pain at one point or another in our lives. When those moments happen - it’s vital to have a place and a community that can help process pain and find healing in Jesus. 

Rally Point is on a mission to equip ministry leaders with resources and advice that help hurting people find healing - and that’s why we created the Regroup program. Running Regroup in your ministry context provides ministry leaders with everything they need to create a community where hurting people find strength and healing together.

So if you’re a leader or if you know a leader who is passionate about hurting people - consider learning more by visiting here 

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Regroup - a Process of Healing for Pain, Grief, and Addiction

Most people experience deep pain at some point in their life. After a traumatic or difficult event, people may feel angry, confused, or scared. There are other forms of pain - grief, broken relationships, addictions, and...

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