Regroup - a Process of Healing for Pain, Grief, and Addiction

Regroup - a Process of Healing for Pain, Grief, and Addiction

DAY 2 OF 6


Step 1: “Me” - Consider “What is My Responsibility?”.

If, after reading these passages you feel a little bit depressed - you are a normal person. This passage showcases how dire the worldwide situation really is. There is no one righteous. All people are messed up. All people contribute to the brokenness of the world. This includes you. You have hurt people. You have contributed to brokenness in relationships. 

The good news is that you are not alone - every person is in the same situation as you. But, in order for you to heal from your pain, it is critical that you understand this and take responsibility for your actions. It may be helpful to reread the passage and insert your name or the word “I” into it. “I am not righteous. I don’t understand. I don’t seek God. I have fallen short.”

Jesus mentions in the beatitudes (Matthew 5:3), that you are blessed when you are “poor in spirit.” This means that you recognize your own position before God. He is perfect. You are not.

In this stage of healing, you need to recognize your brokenness. You need to admit and take ownership of your failures. And not in a generic sense of “I’m sinful.” If you want to heal from pain, grief, or addiction, you will need to name the specific ways that you have contributed to brokenness in situations or relationships. 

Today’s Challenge: 

Think of one relationship you would like to repair or improve. Then, take an inventory of the things you do in that relationship that contribute to separation. The more thorough you are - the more likely you are to heal. 

If you have any hesitation because the other person has hurt you - don’t worry. In the next stage you will have an opportunity to think through ways you have been hurt by others. But in this step, it is important to take ownership over how your sin has affected others - how you have have others.

Journal your answers to the questions - “What have I done wrong?” “What is my responsibility?”. 

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Regroup - a Process of Healing for Pain, Grief, and Addiction

Most people experience deep pain at some point in their life. After a traumatic or difficult event, people may feel angry, confused, or scared. There are other forms of pain - grief, broken relationships, addictions, and...

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