Advent 2020


The hope of the "I am" God

Throughout the Bible, God has spoken his "I am" to us. Remembering who our God is and how he made a way for us to come into his presence through the birth of his son can give us hope in our present. 

As part of today’s reflection, take some time to read this song and delight in all the things God is. 

I am God

Author God

Finisher God

Faithful God

He says, ‘I Am God.’

Alpha God

Omega God

Eternal God

He says, ‘I Am God.’

Pierced God

Bleeding God

Wounded God

He says, ‘I Am God.’

Weeping God

Buried God

Rejected God

He says, ‘I Am God.’

Risen God

Saviour God

Our God

He says, ‘I Am God.’

Wherever you are and whatever you’re going through, be encouraged by who God is and the hope we have in Jesus Christ. 

By Seth Pinnock, Tearfund's Head of African and Caribbean Engagement. He also fronts the award-winning gospel group Seth Pinnock & A New Thing.