Advent 2020


The crimson-robed hope of Christ Jesus

How many times have we used the word hope in 2020?

We hope that friends and family are doing okay, and hope that we can see family again soon. We hope that we can go back to normal, and we hope that "normal" is changed for the better.

Holding onto hope in the midst of this year has seemed harder, for most of us, than usual. We hope for safety and security in our homes, and we hope for some form of normality to return. 

As Christians, our hope in Christ Jesus can help to carry us through these times. He offers us a peace that goes far beyond our understanding. 

Jesus, prophesied by Isaiah, both in crimson-stained clothes and striding forward in greatness, proclaims victory and that he is mighty to save. I am sure that, throughout this year, there have been times when crimson-stained clothes seemed pretty fitting in our world, yet, through this, Jesus has proclaimed victory over death. 

Hope is based on the understanding that we have faith in God that a better day will come, and that Jesus reigns through it all. Our Jesus, born at Christmas, came to proclaim the victory. Mighty to save.

As 2020 comes to an end, will you put your faith in the hope of Christ Jesus this Christmas time?

Laura Young is a Tearfund ambassador and an advocate for creation care.