Advent 2020



Even though some nights seem anything but Holy,

even though Christmas isn’t always Merry and can leave us feeling lonely,

even though we sometimes fail no matter how hard we try,

even though we seem stuck on the ground when we’re desperate to fly,

even though our faded dreams shake our belief,

even though life can feel agonizingly brief,

even though we lose the people that we love

and we question whether there’s even a heaven above,

even though we take the risk and give ourselves away

but then our hearts break and our hearts break and our hearts break

and we cry out God how long will it take before this dark night will end?

Before the sun rises and the world begins to mend?

Even though from here to redemption couldn’t seem more far

still I’ve heard rumors of a strange star, 

shining with an unfamiliar light,

burning with the hope that maybe these wrongs will be put right.

What do you see when you look into your sky?

Darkness? Confusion? Storm clouds thundering the question

Why? Why me? Why now? Why does it have to be this hard?

Why him? Why her? Do I always have to end up scarred?

Look closer. 

Even though it may seem faint, 

still you will see a star, beckoning you to follow,

promising that though it hurts tonight

something new will be born tomorrow.

Something new will be born,

something new will be born,

everything that’s been broken, shattered and torn will be healed, 

hearts will be mended and love’s true face will be revealed.

So even though you’ve fallen, know that you will be restored,

for there is a star in your sky,

pointing towards a savior, guiding you to the Lord.

By Gideon Heugh, Senior Copywriter at Tearfund and published poet.