The Importance Of The Experience: The Survivors Guide

Day 7 of 7 • This day’s reading


Finally Free

I really hope this series has blessed you! I hope you’ve understood the importance of the experience.  I hope you’ve recognised that hardship comes before elevation. I hope you’ve grown to accept what took place because you laid it down and gave it back to God. 

However, now that you have recognised why to forgive we have one more thing to look at …

Now it’s out what do you plan to put back in?

On my journey, I received revelation. I began to understand that you can only feel sorry for yourself for so long before it turns into a habitual way of feeling and thinking. You must dust yourself off and keep going. Try again. Live again. Love again. 

It is up to us! We now have the responsibility to turn the desires for healing and to be better, into actions. What plan will we begin to implement so that the journey to ‘being whole’ begins? One of the most effective ways to receive healing and adapt to a new way of thinking is through the word of God. There is honestly nothing like it! 

The avenues to learn and digest the word of God are endless. A marathon runner will never be ready if they neglect having a balanced diet, working out, building endurance  &  taking breaks to recoup. 

The same goes for us believers. We will always grow weary and be upset with God about hardships, if we are not ready for them or if we don’t understand how significant and necessary they are. But once we apply what we have learnt from this devotional, you will realise that it is all about being consistent, daily that strengthens our victory now that we are free.

Today, I band with you in making a choice to walk in victory. To walk in grace with our heads held high! We call a time out on the habits and strongholds our past has left us with. 

Enough is enough because we are finally free! 


“I am good enough. I am not damaged goods. I am a conqueror. I am the head and not the tail. Above and not beneath. I now see me, as He sees me. So, I will now love me, as He loves me. God is with me always. I win. I am free”


“Every blooming flower, needs dirt to grow”- Becca Folkes.