The Importance Of The Experience: The Survivors Guide

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Lay It Down. Let It Go.

After we go through something, we often put our guards up. When reading the story of the woman at the well, I was able to understand her defence mechanism. Hurt and shame often had me with my guards up too. 

John 4:11-12. illustrates the old version of Becca, that is now a distant memory. These two verses depict a woman that has dealt with enough judgement and would rather be ready to fight, than to be caught like a deer in headlights. 

Know the feeling? 

I know that was the case in my life. Always on the defence. Despite my ways, some amazing things about Christ are His abilities to allow me to come boldly before Him, to understand me and to empathise with me. 

Like this woman, we fear that approaching God will result in us being exposed. For all the wrong reasons. But that is not the case with Christ. He could have laid out all her past from the beginning. But through his loving approach, we have the room to be truthful about our shortcomings. In revealing her truth to Jesus she is made whole. You can experience that feeling too. If you are willing to lay it down and let it go. 

When I didn’t love myself or my mistakes, He still loved me and He loves you too. To this day, this pure love is still actively nursing us all back to health.

Becca's Gem

Don’t let the past that you suffered in, stop you from opening up and receiving the love and healing God has had for you all along. He wants us to be happy and live a life of love and joy, regardless of the storms that tried to leave us shipwrecked.