The Importance Of The Experience: The Survivors Guide

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Hardship Before Elevation

The more it hit me that I had endured some terrible things, the more I asked the limited yet powerful question. 


Like a persistent child, I inquired relentlessly, because I struggled to comprehend the reasoning behind going through some of the things I’d gone through.

Like poor Joseph, all I did as a young child was dream and cuddle up to Mummy. But, right under my parent’s nose, I embarked on one of the hardest journeys of my life. One I called from ‘trial to victory’. 

Although this story is a bit different, I believe we can still take something from his journey. The favour Joseph had and was shown by his father struck an envious cord within his brother’s hearts. 

So much so, that they kidnapped, sold and lied about his death. To kill, steal and destroy our destiny, is the plan of the enemy! The process is a part of your purpose. What you have endured, what Joseph endured makes you a tangible result to others that they also can overcome. Contentment comes when we realise that Jesus came to give us life and life more abundantly. 

Satan’s aim is to rip every good thing away from us. But, once the decision to be victorious is made, we come out on top. Once I made the decision to win, I did. I threw all my “why’s” to the side and allowed God the room, to start the process of reconciliation and peace. 

To come to terms with the turmoil I endured, the journey from hardship to elevation isn’t about dwelling on whether it was your fault or what you could have done to change anything. It is about recognising that God will use what tried to break you, to elevate you. 

Through prayer, counselling and transparency, those moments will reveal what they really are; stepping stones to healing. 

Becca's Gem

Elevation came after the hardship. We only ever really understand why once we’ve made it to the other side. But, in the midst of whatever you’re going through, always try to maintain the attitude of gratitude. Thanking God regardless of the season you’re in. Your why may be right now, but it won’t last forever.