The Importance Of The Experience: The Survivors Guide

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Forgiveness II

No more shall you feel bad about things you’ve been through. I pray that you begin to see them as stepping stones to you being the man or woman God has called you to be.

Get it out of your system!

When an item of food does not agree with our bodies, it finds a way to release what we’ve ingested. That’s the same way I want you to view talking about some of the difficult things you have gone through. The things that provoke tears every time you think about them. 

Discussing issues is so powerful and conducive to growing in strength and wisdom. Don’t see it as a sign of weakness when you’re being transparent with others. See it as a way of empowering yourself and others who need it. 

Paul didn’t have to reveal that he had a persistent issue, but he knew the power that was associated with an honest confession. Don’t let speaking your truth be a thing that intimidates you! For the moment you let it out, God can pour back in to you like he did for me!


I take my power back! As I speak, I not only free myself. I free others too. I light the fire under my purpose and start a new chapter.

Becca's Gem

What you release today could restore someone else tomorrow. In our time of weakness that is when He is our strength. Become a pillar of strength for someone by using your story to strengthen others.