Romans 10:13-21

Romans 10:13-21 The Passion Translation (TPT)

And it’s true: “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be rescued and experience new life.” But how can people call on him for help if they’ve not yet believed? And how can they believe in one they’ve not yet heard of? And how can they hear the message of life if there is no one there to proclaim it? And how can the message be proclaimed if messengers have yet to be sent? That’s why the Scriptures say: How welcome is the arrival of those proclaiming the joyful news of peace and of good things to come! But not everyone welcomes the good news, as Isaiah said: Lord, is there anyone who hears and believes our message? Faith, then, is birthed in a heart that responds to God’s anointed utterance of the Anointed One. Can it be that Israel hasn’t heard the message? No, they have heard it, for: The voice has been heard throughout the world, and its message has gone to the ends of the earth! So again I ask, didn’t Israel already understand that God’s message was for others as well as for themselves? Yes, they certainly did understand, for Moses was the first to state it: “I will make you jealous of a people who are ‘nobodies.’ And I will use people with no understanding to provoke you to anger.” And Isaiah the fearless prophet dared to declare: “Those who found me weren’t even seeking me. I manifested myself before those who weren’t even asking to know me!” Yet regarding Israel Isaiah says: “With love I have held out my hands day after day, offering myself to this unbelieving and stubborn people!”