Psalms 77
Remembering God’s Help for Israel
For the music director, on Jeduthun.#One of David’s musicians (1 Chr 16:41)
Of Asaph. A psalm.#The Hebrew Bible counts the superscription as the first verse of the psalm; the English verse number is reduced by one
1I cry out with my voice to God;
with my voice to God, that he may hear me.
2In the day I have trouble, I seek#Or “make supplication to” the Lord.
At night my hand stretches out continually;#Literally “it does not grow weary”
my soul refuses to be comforted.
3I remember God and I groan loudly;
I meditate and my spirit grows faint.
4You hold open my eyelids.
I am troubled and cannot speak.
5I think about the days from long ago,
the years of ancient times.
6I remember my song in the night.
With my heart I meditate,
and my spirit searches to understand.
7Will the Lord reject us forever,
and will he never be pleased with us again?
8Has his loyal love ceased forever?
Is his promise#Hebrew “word” ended throughout generations?
9Has God forgotten to have compassion?
Or has he closed off his mercies in anger? Selah
10So I said, “This pierces me—#Or “this is my sickness”
the right hand of the Most High has changed.”
11I will remember the deeds of Yah.#A shortened form of “Yahweh”
Surely I will remember your wonders#Hebrew “wonder” from long ago.
12I will also muse on all your work,
and meditate on your deeds.
13O God, your way is distinctive.#Or “holy” or “set apart”
Who is a great god like our God?
14You are the God who works wonders;#Hebrew “wonder”
you have made known your might among the peoples.
15With your arm you redeemed your people,
the children of Jacob and Joseph. Selah
16Waters saw you, O God;
waters saw you and they trembled.
Surely the deeps shook.
17The clouds poured out water.
The skies thundered.#Literally “gave voice”
Your arrows also flew about.#Literally “walked back and forth”
18The sound of your thunder was in the whirlwind;#Or “in your chariot wheel”
lightnings lit the world;
the earth shook and quaked.
19Your way was through the sea,
and your path#According to the reading tradition (Qere) through many waters.
Yet your footprints were not discerned.#Hebrew “were not known”
20You led your people like a flock
by the hand of Moses and Aaron.
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