Isaiah’s Call and Mission
1In the year that King Uzziah # 2Kg 15:1-7; Is 1:1; 14:28 died, I saw the Lord # Gn 32:30; Ex 3:1-6; 24:9-10; Jos 5:13-15; 1Kg 22:19; Is 31:3; Jn 1:18; 4:24; 12:41 seated on a high and lofty # Is 52:13; 57:15 throne, # Ps 9:7; 11:4; 45:6; Is 66:1; Jr 3:17; Ezk 1:26; 10:1; 43:7 and His robe # Lit seam filled the temple. 2Seraphim # = heavenly beings were standing above Him; each one had six wings: # Rv 4:8 with two he covered his face, with two he covered his feet, and with two he flew. # Ezk 1:14 3And one called to another:
Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of Hosts;
His glory # Ex 16:10; 24:16-17; 40:34-35; 1Kg 8:11; Is 35:2; 40:5; 60:1; Ezk 1:28; Lk 9:32 fills the whole earth. # Nm 14:21; Ps 72:19
4The foundations of the doorways shook # Ex 19:8; Hab 3:3-10; Rv 15:8 at the sound of their voices, and the temple was filled with smoke.
5Then I said:
Woe is me # Ex 33:20; Jdg 13:22; Is 59:3; Jr 9:3-8; Lk 5:8 for I am ruined # Or I must be silent
because I am a man of unclean lips
and live among a people of unclean lips, # Ex 6:12,30
and because my eyes have seen the King,
the Lord of Hosts.
6Then one of the seraphim flew to me, and in his hand was a glowing coal that he had taken from the altar # Lv 6:12-13; 17:11 with tongs. 7He touched my mouth # Jr 1:9; Dn 10:16 with it and said:
Now that this has touched your lips,
your wickedness is removed
and your sin is atoned for. # Ex 21:30; 30:12-16
8Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying:
Who should I send?
Who will go for Us?
I said:
Here I am. Send me.
9And He replied:
Go! Say to these people:
Keep listening, but do not understand; # Mt 13:14-15; Mk 4:12; Lk 8:10; Jn 12:40; Ac 28:26-27
keep looking, but do not perceive.
10Dull the minds # Lit heart of these people;
deafen their ears and blind their eyes;
otherwise they might see with their eyes
and hear with their ears,
understand with their minds,
turn back, and be healed. # Zch 7:11-12; 1Th 2:16
11Then I said, “Until when, Lord? ” # Ps 79:5; 89:46 And He replied:
Until cities lie in ruins without inhabitants, # Is 1:7; 27:10
houses are without people,
the land is ruined and desolate,
12and the Lord drives the people far away,
leaving great emptiness in the land.
13Though a tenth will remain in the land,
it will be burned again.
Like the terebinth or the oak
that leaves a stump when felled,
the holy seed # Is 41:8; 43:5; 45:25; 53:10; 59:21; 65:9,23; 66:22 is the stump. # Is 11:1