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Isaiah 10

1Woe to those who #[Ps. 94:20] decree iniquitous decrees,
and the writers who #Jer. 8:8keep writing oppression,
2to turn aside the needy from justice
and #ch. 5:23to rob the poor of my people of their right,
that widows may be their spoil,
and that they may make the fatherless their prey!
3What will you do on #Jer. 5:29; Hos. 9:7; [Luke 19:44] the day of punishment,
in the ruin that will come #ch. 5:26from afar?
To whom will you flee for help,
and where will you leave your wealth?
4Nothing remains but to crouch among the prisoners
or fall among the slain.
# See ch. 9:12 For all this his anger has not turned away,
and his hand is stretched out still.
Judgment on Arrogant Assyria
5Woe to Assyria, #ver. 24; ch. 9:4; [Mic. 5:1; 6:9]the rod of my anger;
the staff in their hands is my fury!
6Against a #ch. 9:17 godless nation I send him,
and against the people of my wrath I command him,
to take #See 2 Kgs. 18:14-16 spoil and seize plunder,
and to #ch. 5:5tread them down like the mire of the streets.
7But he #[Mic. 4:12]does not so intend,
and his heart does not so think;
but it is in his heart to destroy,
and to cut off nations not a few;
8for he says:
# [2 Kgs. 18:24] “Are not my commanders all kings?
9 # 2 Kgs. 19:12, 13 Is not #[Gen. 10:10; Amos 6:2] Calno like #2 Chr. 35:20; Jer. 46:2 Carchemish?
Is not #ch. 11:11; Amos 6:2; Zech. 9:2 Hamath like #2 Kgs. 18:34 Arpad?
# [2 Kgs. 16:9; 17:6] Is not #ch. 7:9Samaria like Damascus?
10As my hand has reached to #[2 Kgs. 19:17, 18]the kingdoms of the idols,
whose carved images were greater than those of Jerusalem and Samaria,
11shall I not do to Jerusalem and #ch. 2:8 her idols
# 2 Kgs. 18:34 as I have done to Samaria and her images?”
12 # [ch. 29:4, 5; 30:18; 2 Kgs. 19:31] When the Lord has finished all his work on Mount Zion and on Jerusalem, #See 2 Kgs. 19:35-37he#10:12 Hebrew I will punish the speech#10:12 Hebrew fruit of the arrogant heart of the king of Assyria and the boastful look in his eyes. 13#ch. 37:23-25; 2 Kgs. 19:22-24For he says:
“By the strength of my hand I have done it,
and by my wisdom, for I have understanding;
I remove the boundaries of peoples,
and plunder their treasures;
like a bull I bring down those who sit on thrones.
14My hand has found like a nest
the wealth of the peoples;
and as one gathers eggs that have been forsaken,
so I have gathered all the earth;
and there was none that moved a wing
or opened the mouth or chirped.”
15Shall #[ver. 5; ch. 29:16; 45:9; Rom. 9:17]the axe boast over him who hews with it,
or the saw magnify itself against him who wields it?
As if a rod should wield him who lifts it,
or as if a staff should lift him who is not wood!
16Therefore the Lord God of hosts
will send wasting sickness among his #Ps. 78:31 stout warriors,
and under his glory #[ch. 30:33]a burning will be kindled,
like the burning of fire.
17 # [Obad. 18] The light of Israel will become a fire,
and #ch. 37:23 his Holy One a flame,
and #ch. 27:4; [ch. 9:18; Nah. 1:10] it will burn and devour
his thorns and briers #[ch. 9:14; 2 Kgs. 19:35]in one day.
18The glory of #ver. 33; [ch. 2:13] his forest and of his #[Ps. 107:33-34]fruitful land
the Lord will destroy, both soul and body,
and it will be as when a sick man wastes away.
19The remnant of the trees of his forest will be so few
that a child can write them down.
The Remnant of Israel Will Return
20 # ver. 27; ch. 2:11 In that day #ch. 4:2 the remnant of Israel and the survivors of the house of Jacob will no more #[2 Kgs. 16:7; 2 Chr. 28:20, 21] lean on him who struck them, but #2 Kgs. 19:14will lean on the Lord, the Holy One of Israel, in truth. 21A remnant will return, the remnant of Jacob, #ch. 9:6to the mighty God. 22#Cited Rom. 9:27, 28 For though your people Israel be as the sand of the sea, #[ch. 6:13] only a remnant of them will return. #ch. 28:22Destruction is decreed, overflowing with righteousness. 23For the Lord God of hosts will make a full end, as decreed, in the midst of all the earth.
24Therefore thus says the Lord God of hosts: “O my people, #[ch. 31:5] who dwell in Zion, #2 Kgs. 19:6 be not afraid of the Assyrians when they strike with the rod and lift up their staff against you as #Ex. 2:23the Egyptians did. 25For #[ch. 17:14]in a very little while my fury will come to an end, and my anger will be directed to their destruction. 26And #2 Kgs. 19:35 the Lord of hosts will wield against them a whip, as when he struck #ch. 9:4 Midian #Judg. 7:25; [ch. 9:4] at the rock of Oreb. And his staff will be over the sea, and he will lift it #[Ex. 14:30]as he did in Egypt. 27And in that day #2 Kgs. 18:14 his burden will depart from your shoulder, and #[ch. 9:4; Nah. 1:13]his yoke from your neck; and the yoke will be broken because of the fat.”#10:27 The meaning of the Hebrew is uncertain
28He has come to Aiath;
he has passed through #1 Sam. 14:2 Migron;
at Michmash he stores #Judg. 18:21; 1 Sam. 17:22; Acts 21:15; [ch. 46:1]his baggage;
29they have crossed over #1 Sam. 13:23 the pass;
at #1 Sam. 13:16 Geba they lodge for the night;
# 1 Sam. 7:17 Ramah trembles;
# 1 Sam. 11:4 Gibeah of Saul has fled.
30Cry aloud, O daughter of #1 Sam. 25:44 Gallim!
Give attention, O Laishah!
O poor #Jer. 1:1Anathoth!
31Madmenah is in flight;
the inhabitants of Gebim flee for safety.
32This very day he will halt at #1 Sam. 21:1; 22:19 Nob;
he will shake his fist
at the mount of #ch. 1:8; 37:22the daughter of Zion,
the hill of Jerusalem.
33Behold, the Lord God of hosts
# [Nah. 1:12] will lop #ver. 18the boughs with terrifying power;
the great in height will be hewn down,
and the lofty will be brought low.
34He will cut down #[See ver. 33 above] the thickets of the forest with an axe,
and #[Ezek. 31:3; Amos 2:9]Lebanon will fall by the Majestic One.

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