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Psalm 3

Save Me, O My God
A Psalm of David, #See 2 Sam. 15:14-17when he fled from Absalom his son.
1O Lord, #2 Sam. 15:12 how many are my foes!
Many are #2 Sam. 18:31, 32rising against me;
2many are saying of my soul,
# Ps. 71:11; [2 Sam. 16:8] “There is no salvation for him in God.” Selah#3:2 The meaning of the Hebrew word Selah, used frequently in the Psalms, is uncertain. It may be a musical or liturgical direction
3But you, O Lord, are #Ps. 28:7; 84:9; 119:114; Gen. 15:1 a shield #Job 1:10 about me,
my glory, and #Ps. 27:5, 6; [Job 10:15]the lifter of my head.
4I #Ps. 77:1; 142:1 cried aloud to the Lord,
and he #Ps. 34:4; 60:5; 108:6; [Ps. 6:8; 34:6] answered me from his #See Ps. 2:6holy hill. Selah
5I #Ps. 4:8; [Lev. 26:6; Job 11:18, 19; Prov. 3:24]lay down and slept;
I woke again, for the Lord sustained me.
6I #[Ps. 23:4; 27:3] will not be afraid of many thousands of people
who have #Isa. 22:7; [1 Kgs. 20:12]set themselves against me all around.
7 # Ps. 7:6; 9:19; 10:12; Num. 10:35 Arise, O Lord!
Save me, O my God!
For you #See Job 16:10 strike all my enemies on the cheek;
you #Ps. 58:6; Job 29:17break the teeth of the wicked.
8 # Ps. 37:39; 62:7; Isa. 43:11; 45:21; Jer. 3:23; Hos. 13:4; Jonah 2:9; Rev. 7:10; 19:1 Salvation belongs to the Lord;
your blessing be on your people! Selah

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