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Psalm 132

The Lord Has Chosen Zion
A Song of #[See Ps. 120, title]Ascents.
1Remember, O Lord, in David’s favor,
all #1 Chr. 22:14the hardships he endured,
2how he swore to the Lord
and #Ps. 50:14 vowed to #ver. 5; Gen. 49:24; Isa. 49:26; 60:16the Mighty One of Jacob,
3“I will not enter my house
or get into my bed,
4I will not #Prov. 6:4give sleep to my eyes
or slumber to my eyelids,
5until I #1 Chr. 22:7; Acts 7:46 find a place for the Lord,
a dwelling place for #[See ver. 2 above]the Mighty One of Jacob.”
6Behold, we heard of it in #1 Sam. 17:12; [Gen. 35:19] Ephrathah;
we found it in #[1 Sam. 7:1]the fields of Jaar.
7“Let us go to his dwelling place;
let us #Ps. 5:7 worship at his #See Ps. 99:5footstool!”
8 # Ps. 68:1; 2 Chr. 6:41, 42 Arise, O Lord, and go to your #ver. 14 resting place,
you and the ark of your #Ps. 78:61might.
9Let your #ver. 16 priests be #See Job 29:14 clothed with righteousness,
and let your #[Ps. 149:5]saints shout for joy.
10For the sake of your servant David,
# [2 Kgs. 18:24] do not turn away the face of #ver. 17; [1 Kgs. 1:39]your anointed one.
11 # Ps. 89:3, 34 The Lord swore to David a sure oath
# Ps. 110:4 from which he will not turn back:
# 2 Sam. 7:12; 2 Chr. 6:16; Luke 1:32; Acts 2:30 “One of the sons of your body#132:11 Hebrew of your fruit of the womb
I will set on your throne.
12If your sons keep my covenant
and my testimonies that I shall teach them,
their sons also forever
shall #1 Kgs. 8:25; [Job 36:7]sit on your throne.”
13For the Lord has #Ps. 78:68; [Ps. 135:21] chosen Zion;
he has #See Ps. 68:16desired it for his dwelling place:
14“This is my #ver. 8 resting place forever;
here I will #Matt. 23:21dwell, for I have desired it.
15I will abundantly #Ps. 147:14 bless her provisions;
I will #Ruth 1:6satisfy her poor with bread.
16Her #ver. 9priests I will clothe with salvation,
and her #ver. 9saints will shout for joy.
17There I will make #Ezek. 29:21; [Luke 1:69] a horn to sprout for David;
I have prepared #1 Kgs. 11:36; 15:4; 2 Kgs. 8:19; 2 Chr. 21:7 a lamp for #ver. 10my anointed.
18His enemies I will #See Job 8:22clothe with shame,
but on him his crown will shine.”

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