Matthew 9

Matthew 9

1Jedus git eenta a boat an cross ta de oda side de lake, an e come ta e own town. 2Some man dem come long da tote one man wa paralyze, pon e bed. Wen Jedus see dat dey bleebe fa true dat e gwine heal de man, e tell de sick man say, “Me son, ya mus dohn warry. Ya sin done been fagib.”
3Wen dey yeh dat, some de Law teacha dem say ta deysef, “Dis man Jedus da hole God cheap!”
4Jedus know wa de Law teacha dem beena tink bout, so e tell um say, “Wa mek oona tink bad ting een oona haat? 5Fa sho, e mo easy fa tell dis man say, ‘Ya sin done been fagib’ den fa chaage um say, ‘Git op an waak’ ainty? 6A gwine show oona dat de Man wa Come fom God hab tority een dis wol fa fagib people sin.” Den Jedus tell de paralyze man say, “Git op, tek ya bed an go home!”
7De man git op an gone home. 8Wen de crowd see wa happen, dey been cyaa way. An dey praise God cause e gii a man dis kinda tority.
Jedus Call Matthew fa Folla Um
Mark 2:13-17; Luke 5:27-32
9Jedus lef de place weh e been. Wiles e beena gwine, e see one man name Matthew, wa da geda tax, da seddown ta e office. Jedus tell um say, “Come folla me.” An e git op an gone folla Jedus.
10Jedus beena seddown fa nyam een Matthew house. Plenty people wa da geda tax come, long wid oda people wa de Jew leada dem say ain fit fa mix wid de Jew people. An dey all seddown, da nyam wid Jedus an e ciple dem. 11Wen some Pharisee see dat, dey aks e ciple dem say, “Oona teacha ain oughta nyam wid dem kinda people, ainty?”
12Jedus yeh wa dey say, so e tell um say, “Dem wa well ain need no docta. Jes dem wa sick need um. 13Oona mus go an find out wa dey mean wen dey write say, ‘God wahn people fa hab mussy pon oda people. E ain wahn jes dem animal sacrifice wa oona da mek.’ A ain come fa call dem wa tink dey da waak scraight wid God. A come fa call de sinna dem.”
Jedus Laan de People How fa Fast fa Woshup God
Mark 2:18-22; Luke 5:33-39
14John ciple dem come ta Jedus an aks um say, “Hoccome we an de Pharisee dem da fast, bot ya own ciple dem, dey ain fast?”
15Jedus ansa um say, “Wen people come ta a weddin, dey ain gwine be saaful long as de groom dey wid um. Bot de time gwine come wen de groom gwine be tek way fom mongst um. Dat de time wen dey gwine fast.
16“Ain nobody gwine cut piece fom nyew closs wa ain neba been wash fa shrink, an nyuse um fa patch e ole cloes, cause wen de patch shrink e gwine pull, an den de teah gwine be eben wossa. 17Ain nobody gwine tek ole bottle an pit nyew wine een um wiles de wine still da draw. Cause ef e do dat, dat wine gwine buss open de ole bottle. De wine gwine waste an de ole bottle gwine git ruint too. Stead ob dat, dey mus pit nyew wine een nyew bottle wa ain gwine broke op, an de wine ain gwine waste needa.”
Jedus Heal de Dead Gyal an de Ooman wa Tetch E Cloes
Mark 5:21-43; Luke 8:40-56
18Jedus still beena taak ta dem wen one leada een de Jew meetin house come an kneel down ta Jedus foot. E beg Jedus say, “Me daughta mos dead. Bot do please, come an pit ya han pon um an pray fa um. Den e gwine lib.”
19So Jedus git op an folla dat leada, an e ciple dem gone long wid um too.
20Jes den, one sick ooman wa beena bleed fa tweb yeah, e come op hine Jedus an tetch de edge ob Jedus cloes. 21De ooman beena say een e haat, “Ef A jes tetch e cloes, A gwine git heal.”
22Jedus ton roun. E see de ooman an tell um say, “Me daughta, ya mus dohn warry! Cause ya bleebe, ya done been heal.” Dat same time e been heal.
23Wen Jedus git ta de leada house an gone een, e see de people dem wa beena gwine fa play flute fa de buryin an ebrybody wa beena weep an wail loud fa de chile. 24Jedus tell um say, “Oona git out de house! De chile ain dead. E da sleep!” De people jes laugh at um. 25Wen dey done mek all de crowd go out de house, Jedus gone eenta de chile room. E tek de chile han, an de gyal git op. 26Den de nyews spread all oba dat lan dey bout wa Jedus done.
Jedus Heal Two Man wa Bline
27Wen Jedus come outta dat place, two man wa been bline beena folla um. Dey holla say, “David Son, hab mussy pon we!”
28Den Jedus gone eenta de house an de man dem wa been bline come ta um. Jedus aks um say, “Oona bleebe A able fa heal oona?”
Dey tell um say, “Yeah, we bleebe, Lawd!”
29Jedus tetch dey eye an say, “Leh um happen den, jes like oona bleebe!” 30Den dey been able fa see gin. Dey been heal. Jedus taak scrong ta um say, “Oona mus dohn tell nobody wa happen.”
31Bot de man dem gone an spread de nyews bout Jedus all oba dat lan dey.
Jedus Heal One Man wa Got Ebil Sperit Eenside Um
32Wiles de two man wa been bline beena gwine out fom weh Jedus been, some people come ta Jedus, da bring one man wa ain able fa taak an wa got ebil sperit eenside um. 33Jedus dribe de ebil sperit outta dat man, an soon as e done dat, de man staat fa taak. All de people been stonish. Dey say, “Nobody ain neba see nottin like dis fo een Israel!”
34Bot de Pharisee dem say, “De leada ob de ebil sperit dem, e de one wa gii Jedus powa fa dribe ebil sperit outta people.”
Oona Mus Pray ta de Lawd ob de Crop wa Ready fa Geda
35Jedus gone roun ta all de town an willage dem. E beena laan de people een dey meetin house an tell um de Good Nyews bout God rule. An e heal de sick people wa got all kind ob ailment. 36Wen Jedus see all de crowd dem, e been too saary fa um fa true, cause dey been mix op an ain able fa hep deysef, jes like sheep wa ain got no shephud fa mind um. 37Den Jedus tell e ciple dem say, “De crop done ready fa geda, bot dey ain nuff han fa geda um. 38Mus pray ta de Lawd ob de crop fa sen out mo han fa geda de crop.”
De Tweb Man wa Jedus Pick fa be Postle
Mark 3:13-19; Luke 6:12-16

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