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Matthew 3

1Een dat time, John wa Bactize come ta de wildaness een Judea, an e staat fa preach dey. 2E tell um say, “Oona mus change oona sinful way an dohn do um no mo. Cause de time mos yah wen God gwine rule oba we!” 3John been de man wa de prophet Isaiah beena taak bout wen e say,
“Somebody da holla een de wildaness say,
‘Oona mus cleah de road weh de Lawd gwine come shru.
Mek de pat scraight fa um fa waak!’ ”
4John cloes been mek wid camel hair, an de belt roun e wais been mek wid animal hide. E beena nyam locust an wile honey. 5A whole heapa people come fa yeh um, fom Jerusalem, fom all ob Judea, an fom all de whole arie close ta de Jerden Riba. 6Dey beena tell all de sinful ting dat dey done done, an dey aks God fa fagib um. Den John beena bactize um een de Jerden Riba.
7Heapa de Pharisee an de Sadducee dem beena come fa hab John bactize um. Wen John shim, e tell um say, “Oona wickity, jes like snake! Who tell oona dat ef oona git bactize, oona kin git way fom de jedgiment wa God gwine sen fa punish oona? 8Oona mus do dem ting wa show oona done change oona way fa true. 9An oona mus dohn tink say, ‘We de chullun ob Abraham.’ Dat ain gwine sabe oona. A da tell oona, God able fa tek dem stone yah an ton um eenta Abraham chullun! 10Now de ax ta de foot ob de tree, ready fa cut um. Ebry tree wa ain beah good fruit, God gwine cut um down an chunk um een de fire. 11A da bactize oona wid wata fa show dat oona done change oona sinful way. Bot one man wa hab heap mo tority den me gwine come. A ain fit fa eben tote e shoe. E gwine bactize oona wid de Holy Sperit an wid fire. 12E gwine jedge de people an separate um op like a faama wa hab e pitfork een e han fa separate de chaff fom de wheat. E gwine geda de good wheat an pit um een e baan. Bot de chaff, e gwine bun um een de ebalastin fire.”
John Bactize Jedus
Mark 1:9-11; Luke 3:21-22
13Den Jedus come fom Galilee an gone ta de Jerden Riba. E gone fa hab John bactize um. 14Bot John ain wahn fa gree fa bactize Jedus. E tell Jedus say, “A oughta hab ya bactize me. Ya ain oughta come fa me fa bactize ya, ainty?”
15Jedus tell John say, “Leh we do um de way A say fa now. E fittin fa we fa do all wa God tell we fa do.” So den John gree fa do wa Jedus say.
16Atta John done bactize Jedus, Jedus come op outta de wata. Jes den God open op de eliment. An Jedus see God Sperit da come down like a dob an light pon um. 17Den dey yeh a boice fom heaben say, “Dis yah me own Son wa A da lob. E pledja me tommuch.”
De Debil Try fa Mek Jedus Do Ebil
Mark 1:12-13; Luke 4:1-13

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