2 John Introduction
The Second Epistle of John is a very brief letter of only thirteen verses. It is addressed to “the elect lady and her children,” which most interpreters have understood to be a way of referring to a Christian congregation and its members. Continuing the same concerns taken up in 1 John, this letter urges these Christians to remain firm in the true faith and to love one another (verse 5). This is not a new commandment, the author reminds the readers. It is the commandment “ye have heard from the beginning” (verse 6) from the Lord Jesus Christ himself (John 15.12). The readers are also warned about the false teachers who deny the bodily reality of Jesus' incarnation (verse 7) and concludes by urging them to be strong and steadfast in the true faith.
Greetings (1-3)
Obeying the Truth and Living in Love (4-11)
Final Words (12-13)

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