Psalms 14
A Lament over Widespread Corruption
1For the leader. Of David.
The fool says in his heart,
“There is no God.”
Their deeds are loathsome and corrupt;
not one does what is good.#Ps 10:4; 36:2; Is 32:6; Jer 5:12.
2The Lord looks down from heaven
upon the children of men,#Rom 3:11–12.
To see if even one is wise,
if even one seeks God.#Ps 11:4; 102:20.
3All have gone astray;
all alike are perverse.
Not one does what is good,
not even one.#Ps 12:1.
4Will these evildoers never learn?
They devour my people as they devour bread;#Ps 27:2; Is 9:11.
they do not call upon the Lord.#Ps 79:6.
5They have good reason, then, to fear;
God is with the company of the just.
6They would crush the hopes of the poor,
but the poor have the Lord as their refuge.
7#Ps 85:2.Oh, that from Zion might come
the salvation of Israel!
Jacob would rejoice, and Israel be glad
when the Lord restores his people!#Jacob…Israel…his people: the righteous poor are identified with God’s people.

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