Job 25
Bildad’s Third Speech. 1#At this point any structure in the dialogues disappears. Bildad’s speech is very short, and there follow two speeches attributed to Job, with significantly different introductions in 27:1 and 29:1, and with no intervening third speech of Zophar. Then Bildad the Shuhite answered and said:
2Dominion and dread are his
who brings about harmony in his heavens.
3Is there any numbering of his troops?#His troops: the heavenly host, or army, the stars (cf. Jgs 5:20), later understood as angels.
Yet on which of them does his light not rise?
4How can anyone be in the right against God,#Jb 4:17; 9:2; 35:2.
or how can any born of woman be innocent?
5Even the moon is not bright
and the stars are not clean in his eyes.
6How much less a human being, who is but a worm,
a mortal, who is only a maggot?#Jb 4:19; 15:16.

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