2 Esdras 14:1-9

2 Esdras 14:1-9 GNBDC

On the third day, while I was sitting under an oak tree, suddenly a voice came out of a bush near me and called, “Ezra! Ezra!” I stood up and answered, “Here I am, Lord.” The voice continued, “I revealed myself from a bush and spoke to Moses when my people were slaves in Egypt. I sent him to lead them out of Egypt, and I brought them to Mount Sinai. I kept Moses with me there on the mountain for a long time, while I told him the secrets about the ages and the end of time. I told him what to make public and what to keep secret. Now I command you to memorize the signs, visions, and interpretations that I have given you. You will be taken out of this world into the heavenly world where you and others like you will live with my son until the end of time.
GNBDC: Good News Bible (Anglicised)