Psalms 82
One of Asaph’s songs of praise.
1God stands in the assembly of the gods.#82:1 assembly of the gods Other nations taught that El (God) and the other gods met together to decide what to do with the people on earth. But many times kings and leaders were also called “gods.” So this psalm may be God’s warning to the leaders of Israel.
He stands as judge among the judges.
2He says, “How long will you judge unfairly
and show special favors to the wicked?” Selah
3“Defend the poor and orphans.
Protect the rights of the poor.
4Help those who are poor and helpless.
Save them from those who are evil.
5“They#82:5 They This might mean that the poor don’t understand what is happening. Or it might mean that the “gods” or leaders don’t understand that they are ruining the world by not being fair and by not doing what is right. don’t know what is happening.
They don’t understand!
They don’t know what they are doing.
Their world is falling down around them!”
6I, God Most High, say,
“You are gods,#82:6 gods Or “judges.” my own sons.
7But you will die as all people must die.
Your life will end like that of any ruler.”
8Get up, God! You be the judge!
You be the leader over all the nations!
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