Psalms 49
To the director: A song from the Korah family.
1Listen to this, all you nations.
Pay attention, all you people on earth.
2Everyone, rich and poor, listen to me.
3I have some very wise words for you.
My thoughts will give you understanding.
4I listened to these sayings.
And now, with my harp, I will sing and make the hidden meaning clear.
5Why should I be afraid when trouble comes?
There is no need to fear when evil enemies surround me.
6They think their wealth will protect them.
They brag about how rich they are.
7But no one has enough to buy back a life,
and you cannot bribe#49:7 bribe Here, this means offering a gift or sacrifice so that God will not punish a guilty person. God.
8You will never get enough money
to pay for your own life.
9You will never have enough
to buy the right to live forever
and keep your body out of the grave.
10Look, the wise die the same as fools and stupid people.#49:10 stupid people Or “animals.”
They die and leave their wealth to others.
11The grave will be their new home forever.
And how much land they owned will not make any difference.
12People might be wealthy, but they cannot stay here forever.
They will die like the animals.
13That is what happens to all who trust in themselves
and to anyone who accepts their way of life. Selah
14They are just like sheep, but the grave will be their pen.
Death will be their shepherd.
When morning comes, the good people will enjoy victory,
as the bodies of the proud slowly rot in the grave,
far away from their fancy houses.
15But God will pay the price to save me from the grave.
He will take me to be with him. Selah
16Don’t be afraid of people just because they are rich.
Don’t be afraid of people just because they have big, fancy houses.
17They will not take anything with them when they die.
They will not take their wealth with them.
18A wealthy man might tell himself how well he has done in life.
And other people might praise him.
19But the time will come for him to die and go to his ancestors.
And he will never again see the light of day.
20Wealthy people don’t seem to understand
that they will die like the animals.
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