Psalms 105
1Give thanks to the Lord and call out to him!
Tell the nations what he has done!
2Sing to him; sing praises to him.
Tell about the amazing things he has done.
3Be proud of his holy name.
You followers of the Lord, be happy!
4Depend on the Lord for strength.
Always go to him for help.
5Remember the amazing things he has done.
Remember his miracles and his fair decisions.
6You belong to the family of his servant Abraham.
You are descendants of Jacob, the people God chose.
7The Lord is our God.
He rules the whole world.
8He will remember his agreement forever.
He will always keep the promises he made to his people.
9He will keep the agreement he made with Abraham
and the promise he made to Isaac.
10He gave it as a law to Jacob.
He gave it to Israel as an agreement that will last forever!
11He said, “I will give you the land of Canaan.
It will be your very own.”
12At the time God said this, there were only a few of his people,
and they were strangers there.
13They traveled around from nation to nation,
from one kingdom to another.
14But the Lord did not let anyone mistreat them.
He warned kings not to harm them.
15He said, “Don’t hurt my chosen people.
Don’t harm my prophets.”
16He caused a famine in that country,
and people did not have enough food.
17But he sent a man named Joseph to go ahead of them.
Joseph was sold like a slave.
18They tied a rope around his feet
and put an iron ring around his neck.
19Joseph was a slave until what he said had really happened.
The Lord’s message proved that Joseph was right.
20So the king of Egypt set him free.
That nation’s leader let him out of jail.
21He put Joseph in charge of his house.
Joseph took care of everything the king owned.
22Joseph gave instructions to the other leaders.
He taught the older men.
23Then Israel came to Egypt.
Jacob lived there in Ham’s country.#105:23 Ham’s country Or “Egypt.” The Egyptians were Ham’s descendants. See Gen. 10:6-20.
24Jacob’s family became very large
and more powerful than their enemies.
25So the Egyptians began to hate his people.
They made plans against his servants.
26So the Lord sent Moses, his servant,
and Aaron, his chosen priest.
27He used Moses and Aaron
to do many miracles in Ham’s country.
28He sent darkness to cover their land,
but the Egyptians did not listen to him.
29So he changed the water into blood,
and all their fish died.
30Their country was filled with frogs,
even in the king’s bedroom.
31The Lord gave the command,
and the flies and gnats came.
They were everywhere!
32He made the rain become hail.
Lightning struck throughout their land.
33He destroyed their vines and fig trees.
He destroyed every tree in their country.
34He gave the command, and the locusts and grasshoppers came.
There were too many to count!
35They ate all the plants in the country,
including all the crops in their fields.
36Then the Lord killed every firstborn in their country.
He killed their oldest sons.
37He led his people out of Egypt.
They were carrying gold and silver,
and none of them stumbled or fell behind.
38Egypt was happy to see his people go,
because they were afraid of them.
39The Lord spread out his cloud like a blanket.
He used his column of fire to give his people light at night.
40They asked for food, and he sent them quail.
He also gave them plenty of bread from heaven.
41He split the rock, and water came bubbling out.
A river began flowing in the desert!
42The Lord remembered his holy promise
that he had made to his servant Abraham.
43He brought his people out of Egypt.
They came out rejoicing and singing their happy songs!
44Then he gave his people the lands of other nations.
His people got what others had worked for.
45He did this so that his people would obey his laws
and follow his teachings.
Praise the Lord!
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