Zechariah 13
Getting Rid of Idols and False Prophets
1In the future there will be a fountain, where David's descendants and the people of Jerusalem can wash away their sin and guilt.
2The Lord All-Powerful says:
When that time comes, I will get rid of every idol in the country, and they will be forgotten forever. I will also do away with their prophets and those evil spirits that control them. 3If any such prophets ever appear again, their own parents must warn them that they will die for telling lies in my name—the name of the Lord. If those prophets don't stop speaking, their parents must then kill them with a sword.
4Those prophets will be ashamed of their so-called visions, and they won't deceive anyone by dressing like a true prophet. 5Instead, they will say, “I'm no prophet. I've been a farmer all my life.”#13.5 I've … my life: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.
6And if any of them are asked why they are wounded,#13.6 wounded: Probably from slashing themselves in the worship of a false god (see 1 Kings 18.28). they will answer, “It happened at the house of some friends.”
A Wounded Shepherd and Scattered Sheep
7 # Mt 26.31; Mk 14.27. The Lord All-Powerful said:
My sword, wake up! Attack
my shepherd and friend.
Strike down the shepherd!
Scatter the little sheep,
and I will destroy them.
8Nowhere in the land
will more than a third of them
be left alive.
9Then I will purify them
and put them to the test,
just as gold and silver
are purified and tested.
They will pray in my name,
and I will answer them.
I will say, “You are my people,”
and they will reply,
“You, Lord, are our God!”

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