Psalms 48

Psalms 48

Psalm 48
A song. A psalm of the Korahites.
1In the city belonging to our God,
the LORD is great and so worthy of praise!
His holy mountain 2is a beautiful summit,
the joy of the whole world.
Mount Zion, in the far north,
is the city of the great king.
3God is in its fortifications,
revealing himself as a place of safety.
4Look: the kings assembled themselves,
advancing all together—
5when they saw it, they were stunned;
they panicked and ran away frightened.
6Trembling took hold of them right there—
like a woman giving birth,
7or like the east wind when it smashes
the ships of Tarshish.
8Just like we had heard,
now we’ve seen it for ourselves
in the city of the LORD of heavenly forces,
in the city of our God.
May God make it secure forever! Selah
9We dwell on your faithful love, God,
in your temple.
10Your praise, God, just like your reputation,
extends to the far corners of the earth.
Your strong hand is filled with righteousness.
11Let Mount Zion be glad;
let the towns of Judah rejoice
because of your acts of justice!
12Walk around Zion;
go all the way around it;
count its towers.
13Examine its defenses closely;
tour its fortifications
so that you may tell future generations:
14“This is God,
our God, forever and always!
He is the one who will lead us
even to the very end.”#48.14 LXX; Heb uncertain; Heb al muth (unto death or against death), but see the notes at Pss 9–10, 46—the words might belong in the heading of Ps 49.

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