1Wine is a mocker; beer a carouser.
Those it leads astray won’t become wise.
2A king is as terrifying as a lion’s growl.
Those who anger him may lose their life.
3It is honorable to back off from a fight,
but fools jump right in.
4The lazy don’t plow during winter;
at harvest they look but find nothing.
5Advice comes from the deep waters of the heart;
those with understanding can draw it out.
6Many people will say that they are loyal,
but who can find a reliable person?
7The righteous live with integrity;
happy are their children who come after them.
8A king who sits on his judgment throne
sifts out all evil with his eyes.
9Who can say, "I’m innocent to the core;
I’m cleansed from my sin"?
10False weights and measures—
the LORD detests them both.
11Even young people are known by their actions,
whether their conduct is pure and upright.
12Ears to hear and eyes to see—
the LORD made them both.
13Don’t love sleep or you will be poor;
stay alert and you will have plenty to eat.
14The buyer says, "Bad, bad,"
but then goes away and brags.
15Much gold and many pearls exist,
but wise speech is the most precious jewel.
16Take the garment of the person who secures a loan for a stranger;
take his pledge for a foreigner.
17Stolen bread is sweet,
but afterward the mouth is full of gravel.
18Plans are firmed up by advice;
wage wars with good guidance.
19Gossips reveal secrets;
don’t associate with those who talk too much.
20Those who curse their father or mother—
their lamp will be snuffed out when it becomes dark.
21Inheritance gained quickly at first
won’t bless later on.
22Don’t say, "I’ll repay the evildoer!"
Wait for the LORD, and he will save you.
23The LORD detests false weights;
deceptive scales aren’t right.
24A person’s steps are from the LORD;
how then can people understand their path?
25It is a snare to say rashly, "It is holy,"
and only reflect after making the promise.
26A wise king sifts out the wicked,
and runs them over with a wheel.
27The breath of a person is the lamp of the LORD,
searching all the inmost parts.
28Kindness and faithfulness protect the king;
he supports his throne by kindness.
29Strength is the glory of young men;
gray hair is the splendor of old age.
30Blows and bruises remove evil;
beatings cleanse the inner parts.