Job’s intelligence questioned
1Eliphaz answered:
2Will the wise respond with windy knowledge
and fill their belly with the east wind?
3Will they argue with a word that has no benefit
and with unprofitable words?
4You are truly making religion ineffective
and restraining meditation before God.
5Your mouth multiplies your sins a thousand times;
you opt for a clever tongue.
6Your mouth condemns you, not I;
your lips argue against you.
7Were you born the first Adam,
brought forth before the hills?
8Did you listen in God’s council;
is wisdom limited to you?
9What do you know that we don’t know;
what do you understand that isn’t among us?
10Both the graybeard and the aged are with us;
those much older than your father.
11Are God’s comforts not enough for you,
a word spoken gently with you?
12Why has your mind seized you,
why have your eyes flashed,
13so that you return your breath to God
and utter such words from your mouth?
14What are humans that they might be pure,
and those born of woman that they might be innocent?
15If he doesn’t trust his holy ones
and the heavens aren’t pure in his eyes,
16how much less those who are abominable and corrupt,
for they drink sin like water.
The wicked’s downfall
17Listen to me; I will argue with you;
what I’ve seen, I will declare to you;
18what the wise have told and have not concealed from their family,
19to whom alone the earth was given
and no stranger passed in their midst.
20All the days of the wicked are painful;
the number of years reserved for the hateful;
21a sound of terror pierces#Heb lacks pierces. their ears;
when safe, raiders overtake them.
22They can’t count on turning away from darkness;
they are destined for a sword.
23They wander about for bread. "Where is it?"
They know that their day of darkness is fixed.
24Adversity and stress scare them,
master them like a king ready to strike;
25for they raise a fist against God
and try to overpower the Almighty.
26They run toward him aggressively,
with a massive and strong shield.
27They cover their face with grease
and make their loins gross.
28They lived in ruined cities,
unoccupied houses that turn to rubble.
29They won’t get rich; their wealth won’t last;
their property won’t extend over the earth.
30They can’t turn away from darkness;
a flame will dry out their shoots,
and they will be taken away by the wind from his mouth.
31They shouldn’t trust in what has no worth,
for their reward will be worthless.
32Before their branch is formed,
before it is green,
33like the vine, they will drop early grapes
and cast off their blossoms like the olive.
34The ruthless gang is barren,
and fire consumes the tents of bribers.
35They conceive toil and give birth to sorrow;
their belly establishes deceit.