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2 Kings 16:11-16

2 Kings 16:11-16 CEB

Uriah built the altar, following the plans that King Ahaz had sent from Damascus; he had it finished before King Ahaz returned from Damascus. When the king arrived from Damascus, he inspected the altar. He came close to it, then went up on it, burning his entirely burned offering and grain offering, pouring out his drink offering, and sprinkling the blood of his well-being sacrifices on the altar. As for the bronze altar that used to stand before the LORD, Ahaz moved it away from the front of the temple where it had stood between the main altar and the LORD’s temple. He put it on the north side of the new altar. Then King Ahaz ordered the priest Uriah, saying, “Burn the following sacrifices on the main altar: in the morning, the entirely burned offering; in the evening, the grain offering; the king’s entirely burned offering and his grain offering; the entirely burned offering for all the people of the land, their grain offering, and their drink offerings. “Sprinkle all the blood of the entirely burned offerings and all the blood of the sacrifices on it. I will use the bronze altar for seeking guidance.” Uriah the priest did everything that King Ahaz commanded.

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