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Genesis 1

tune: St. Flavian, 100.
Genesis 1
1-11 Let heav’n arise, let earth appear,
said the Almighty Lord:
The heav’n arose, the earth appear’d,
at his creating word.
2 Thick darkness brooded o’er the deep:
God said, “Let there be light:”
The light shone forth with smiling ray,
and scatter’d ancient night.
3 He bade the clouds ascend on high;
the clouds ascend, and bear
A wat’ry treasure to the sky,
and float upon the air.
4 The liquid element below
was gather’d by his hand;
The rolling seas together flow,
and leave the solid land.
5 With herbs, and plants, and fruitful trees,
the new‐form’d globe he crown’d,
Ere there was rain to bless the soil,
or sun to warm the ground.
6 Then high in heav’n’s resplendent arch
he plac’d two orbs of light,
He set the sun to rule the day,
the moon to rule the night.
7 Next, from the deep, th’ Almighty King
did vital beings frame;
Fowls of the air of ev’ry wing,
and fish of ev’ry name.
8 To all the various brutal tribes
he gave their wondrous birth;
At once the lion and the worm
sprung from the teeming earth.
9 Then, chief o’er all his works below,
at last was Adam made;
His Maker’s image bless’d his soul,
and glory crown’d his head.
10 Fair in th’ Almighty Maker’s eye
the whole creation stood.
He view’d the fabric he had rais’d;
his word pronounc’d it good.

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