Psalms 68
(A psalm and a song by David for the music leader.)
God Will Win the Battle
1Do something, God!
Scatter your hateful enemies.
Make them turn and run.
2Scatter them like smoke!
When you come near,
make them melt
like wax in a fire.
3But let your people be happy
and celebrate because of you.
4Our God, you are the one
who rides on the clouds,#68.4 on the clouds: Or “across the desert.”
and we praise you.
Your name is the Lord,
and we celebrate
as we worship you.
5Our God, from your sacred home
you take care of orphans
and protect widows.
6You find families
for those who are lonely.
You set prisoners free
and let them prosper,#68.6 and let them prosper: Or “and give them a song.”
but all who rebel will live
in a scorching desert.
7You set your people free,
and you led them
through the desert.
8 # Ex 19.18. God of Israel,
the earth trembled,
and rain poured down.
You alone are the God
who rules from Mount Sinai.
9When your land was thirsty,
you sent showers
to refresh it.
10Your people settled there,
and you were generous
to everyone in need.
11You gave the command, Lord,
and a chorus of women told
what had happened:
12“Kings and their armies
retreated and ran,
and everything they left
is now being divided.
13And for those who stayed back
to guard the sheep,
there are metal doves
with silver-coated wings
and shiny gold feathers.”
14God All-Powerful, you scattered
the kings like snow falling
on Mount Zalmon.#68.14 Mount Zalmon: The location of this mountain is not known.
15Our Lord and our God,
Bashan is a mighty mountain
covered with peaks.
16Why is it jealous of Zion,
the mountain you chose
as your home forever?
17When you, Lord God, appeared
to your people#68.17 to your people: Or “in all your holiness” or “in your holy place.” at Sinai,
you came with thousands
of mighty chariots.
18 # Eph 4.8. When you climbed
the high mountain,
you took prisoners with you
and were given gifts.
Your enemies didn't want you
to live there,
but they gave you gifts.
19We praise you, Lord God!
You treat us with kindness
day after day,
and you rescue us.
20You always protect us
and save us from death.
21Our Lord and our God,
your terrible enemies
are ready for war,#68.21 are ready for war: The Hebrew text has “have long hair,” which probably refers to the ancient custom of wearing long hair on special occasions, such as a “holy war.”
but you will crush
their skulls.
22You promised to bring them
from Bashan
and from the deepest sea.
23Then we could wash our feet
in their blood,
and our dogs could chew
on their bones.
24We have seen crowds marching
to your place of worship,
our God and King.
25Singers come first,
and then the musicians,
surrounded by young women
playing tambourines.
26They come shouting,
“People of Israel,
praise the Lord God!”
27The small tribe of Benjamin
leads the way,
followed by the leaders
from Judah.
Then come the leaders
from Zebulun and Naphtali.
28Our God, show your strength!
Show us once again.
29Then kings will bring gifts
to your temple
in Jerusalem.#68.28,29 Our God … Jerusalem: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text of verses 28,29.
30Punish that animal
that lives in the swamp!#68.30 animal … swamp: Probably Egypt.
Punish that nation
whose leaders and people
are like wild bulls.
Make them come crawling
with gifts of silver.
Scatter those nations
that enjoy making war.#68.30 war: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text of verse 30.
31Force the Egyptians to bring
gifts of bronze;
make the Ethiopians#68.31 the Ethiopians: The Hebrew text has “the people of Cush,” which was a region south of Egypt that included parts of the present countries of Ethiopia and Sudan. hurry
to offer presents.#68.31 presents: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text of verse 31.
32Now sing praises to God!
Every kingdom on earth,
sing to the Lord!
33Praise the one who rides
across the ancient skies;
listen as he speaks
with a mighty voice.
34Tell about God's power!
He is honored in Israel,
and he rules the skies.
35The God of Israel is fearsome
in his temple,
and he makes us strong.
Let's praise our God!

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