Psalms 4
(A psalm by David for the music leader. Use stringed instruments.)
An Evening Prayer
1You are my God and protector.
Please answer my prayer.
I was in terrible distress,
but you set me free.
Now have pity and listen
as I pray.
2How long will you people
refuse to respect me?#4.2 me: Or “my God.”
You love foolish things,
and you run after
what is worthless.#4.2 foolish … worthless: This may refer to idols and false gods.
3The Lord has chosen
everyone who is faithful
to be his very own,#4.3 has chosen … very own: Some Hebrew manuscripts have “work miracles for his faithful people.”
and he answers my prayers.
4 # Eph 4.26. But each of you
had better tremble
and turn from your sins.
Silently search your heart
as you lie in bed.
5Offer the proper sacrifices
and trust the Lord.
6There are some who ask,
“Who will be good to us?”
Let your kindness, Lord,
shine brightly on us.
7You brought me more happiness
than a rich harvest
of grain and grapes.
8I can lie down
and sleep soundly
because you, Lord,
will keep me safe.

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