Proverbs 4
Advice to Young People
1My child, listen closely
to my teachings
and learn common sense.
2My advice is useful,
so don't turn away.
3When I was still very young
and my mother's favorite child,
my father 4said to me:
“If you follow my teachings
and keep them in mind,
you will live.
5Be wise and learn good sense;
remember my teachings
and do what I say.
6“If you love Wisdom
and don't reject her,
she will watch over you.
7The best thing about Wisdom
is Wisdom herself;
good sense is more important
than anything else.
8If you value Wisdom
and hold tightly to her,
great honors will be yours.
9It will be like wearing
a glorious crown
of beautiful flowers.”
The Right Way and the Wrong Way
10My child, if you listen
and obey my teachings,
you will live a long time.
11I have shown you the way
that makes sense;
I have guided you
along the right path.
12Your road won't be blocked,
and you won't stumble
when you run.
13Hold firmly to my teaching
and never let go.
It will mean life for you.
14Don't follow the bad example
of cruel and evil people.
15Turn aside and keep going.
Stay away from them.
16They can't sleep or rest
until they do wrong or harm
some innocent victim.
17Their food and drink
are cruelty and wickedness.
18The lifestyle of good people
is like sunlight at dawn
that keeps getting brighter
until broad daylight.
19The lifestyle of the wicked
is like total darkness,
and they will never know
what makes them stumble.
20My child, listen carefully
to everything I say.
21Don't forget a single word,
but think about it all.
22Knowing these teachings
will mean true life
and good health for you.
23Carefully guard your thoughts
because they are the source
of true life.
24Never tell lies or be deceitful
in what you say.
25Keep looking straight ahead,
without turning aside.
26 # He 12.13. Know where you are headed,
and you will stay
on solid ground.
27Don't make a mistake by turning
to the right or the left.

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