Proverbs 12
You Can't Hide behind Evil
1 # Si 21.6. To accept correction is wise,
to reject it is stupid.
2The Lord likes everyone
who lives right,
but he punishes everyone
who makes evil plans.
3Sin cannot offer security!
But if you live right,
you will be as secure
as a tree with deep roots.
4A helpful wife is a jewel
for her husband,
but a shameless wife
will make his bones rot.
5Good people have kind thoughts,
but you should never trust
the advice of someone evil.
6Bad advice is a deadly trap,
but good advice
is like a shield.
7Once the wicked are defeated,
they are gone forever,
but no one who obeys God
will ever be thrown down.
8Good sense is worthy of praise,
but stupidity is a curse.
9It's better to be ordinary
and have only one servant#12.9 It's … servant: Or “It is better just to have an ordinary job.”
than to think you are somebody
and starve to death.
10Good people are kind
to their animals,
but a mean person is cruel.
11Hard working farmers have more
than enough food;
daydreamers are nothing more
than stupid fools.
12An evil person tries to hide
behind evil;#12.12 An evil … evil: Or “Evil people love what they get from being evil.”
good people are like trees
with deep roots.
13We trap ourselves
by telling lies,
but we stay out of trouble
by living right.
14We are rewarded or punished
for what we say and do.
15Fools think they know
what is best,
but a sensible person
listens to advice.
16Losing your temper is foolish;
ignoring an insult is smart.
17An honest person
tells the truth in court,
but a dishonest person
tells nothing but lies.
18Sharp words cut like a sword,
but words of wisdom heal.
19Truth will last forever;
lies are soon found out.
20An evil mind is deceitful,
but gentle thoughts
bring happiness.
21Good people never have trouble,
but troublemakers
have more than enough.
22The Lord hates every liar,
but he is the friend of all
who can be trusted.
23Be sensible and don't tell
everything you know—
only fools spread
foolishness everywhere.
24Work hard, and you
will be a leader;
be lazy, and you
will end up a slave.
25Worry is a heavy burden,
but a kind word
always brings cheer.
26You are better off to do right,
than to lose your way
by doing wrong.#12.26 wrong: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text of verse 26.
27Anyone too lazy to cook
will starve,
but a hard worker
is a valuable treasure.#12.27 but … treasure: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.
28Living right is a pathway
that leads to life
and away from death.

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