Psalms 54
(For the music leader. Use with stringed instruments. A special psalm that David wrote when the people of Ziph went to Saul and said, “David is hiding here with us.”)#1 S 23.19; 26.1.
Trusting God in times of trouble
1Save me, God, by your power
and prove that I am right.
2Listen to my prayer
and hear what I say.
3Cruel strangers have attacked
and want me dead.
Not one of them cares
about you.
4You will help me, Lord God,
and keep me from falling;
5you will punish my enemies
for their evil deeds.
Be my faithful friend
and destroy them.
6I will bring a gift
and offer a sacrifice
to you, LORD.
I will praise your name
because you are good.
7You have rescued me
from all my troubles,
and my own eyes have seen
my enemies fall.