Psalms 147
Sing and praise the LORD
1Shout praises to the LORD!
Our God is kind,
and it is right and good
to sing praises to him.
2The LORD rebuilds Jerusalem
and brings the people of Israel
back home again.
3He renews our hopes
and heals our bodies.
4He decided how many stars
there would be in the sky
and gave each one a name.
5Our LORD is great and powerful!
He understands everything.
6The LORD helps the poor,
but he pulls the wicked
to the ground.
7Celebrate and sing!
Play your harps
for the LORD our God.
8He fills the sky with clouds
and sends rain to the earth,
so that the hills
will be green with grass.
9He provides food for cattle
and for the young ravens,
when they cry out.
10The LORD doesn't care about
the strength of horses
or powerful armies.
11The LORD is pleased only
with those who worship him
and trust his love.
12Everyone in Jerusalem,
come and praise
the LORD your God!
13He makes your city gates strong
and blesses your people
by giving them children.
14God lets you live in peace,
and he gives you
the very best wheat.
15As soon as God speaks,
the earth obeys.
16He covers the ground with snow
like a blanket of wool,
and he scatters frost
like ashes on the ground.
17God sends down hailstones
like chips of rocks.
Who can stand the cold?
18At his command the ice melts,
the wind blows,
and streams begin to flow.
19God gave his laws and teachings
to the descendants of Jacob,
the nation of Israel.
20But he has not given his laws
to any other nation.
Shout praises to the LORD!