Psalms 12
(A psalm by David for the music leader.#Psalm 12 leader: The Hebrew text adds “according to the sheminith”, which may be a musical instrument with eight strings.)
A prayer for help
1Please help me, LORD!
All who were faithful
and all who were loyal
have disappeared.
2Everyone tells lies,
and no one is sincere.
3Won't you chop off
all flattering tongues
that boast so loudly?
4They say to themselves,
“We are great speakers.
No one else has a chance.”
5But you, LORD, tell them,
“I will do something!
The poor are ill-treated
and helpless people moan.
I'll rescue all who suffer.”
6Our LORD, you are true
to your promises,
and your word is like silver
heated seven times
in a fiery furnace.#12.6 in a fiery furnace: The Hebrew text has “in a furnace to the ground”, which may describe part of a process for refining silver in Old Testament times.
7You will protect us
and always keep us safe
from those people.
8But all who are wicked
will keep on strutting,
while everyone praises
their shameless deeds.#12.8 while…deeds: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.