Proverbs 17
Our thoughts are tested by the LORD
1A dry crust of bread eaten
in peace and quiet
is better than a feast eaten
where everyone argues.
2A hard-working slave
will be placed in charge
of a no-good child,
and that slave will be given
the same inheritance
that each child receives.
3Silver and gold are tested
by flames of fire;
our thoughts are tested
by the LORD.
4Troublemakers listen
to troublemakers,
and liars listen to liars.
5By insulting the poor,
you insult your Creator.
You will be punished
if you make fun
of someone in trouble.
6Grandparents are proud
of their grandchildren,
and children should be proud
of their parents.
7It sounds strange for a fool
to talk sensibly,
but it's even worse
for a ruler to tell lies.
8A bribe works miracles
like a magic charm
that brings good luck.
9You will keep your friends
if you forgive them,
but you will lose your friends
if you keep talking about
what they did wrong.
10A sensible person
accepts correction,
but you can't beat sense
into a fool.
11Cruel people want to rebel,
and so vicious attackers
will be sent against them.
12A bear robbed of her cubs
is far less dangerous
than a stubborn fool.
13You will always have trouble
if you are mean to those
who are good to you.
14The start of an argument
is like a water leak—
so stop it before
real trouble breaks out.
15The LORD doesn't like those
who defend the guilty
or condemn the innocent.
16Why should fools have money
for an education
when they refuse to learn?
17A friend is always a friend,
and relatives are born
to share our troubles.
18It's stupid to guarantee
someone else's loan.
19The wicked and the proud
love trouble and keep begging
to be hurt.
20Dishonesty does you no good,
and telling lies
will get you in trouble.
21It's never pleasant
to be the parent of a fool
and have nothing but pain.
22If you are cheerful,
you feel good;
if you are sad,
you hurt all over.
23Crooks accept secret bribes
to keep justice
from being done.
24Anyone with wisdom knows
what makes good sense,
but fools can never
make up their minds.
25Foolish children bring sorrow
to their father
and pain to their mother.
26It isn't fair
to punish the innocent
and those who do right.
27It makes a lot of sense
to be a person of few words
and to stay calm.
28Even fools seem clever
when they are quiet.