The altar for burning incense
(Exodus 37.25–28)
The LORD said to Moses:
1Build an altar of acacia wood where you can burn incense. 2Make it forty-five centimetres square and ninety centimetres high, and make each of its four corners stick up like the horn of a bull. 3Cover it with pure gold and put a gold edging around it. 4Then below the edging on opposite sides attach two gold rings through which you can put the poles for carrying the altar. 5These poles are also to be made of acacia wood covered with gold.
6Put the altar in front of the inside curtain of the sacred tent. The chest with the place of mercy#30.6 place of mercy: See the note at 26.34. is kept behind that curtain, and I will talk with you there. 7-8From now on, when Aaron tends the lamp each morning and evening, he must burn sweet-smelling incense to me on the altar. 9Burn only the proper incense on the altar and never use it for grain sacrifices or animal sacrifices or drink offerings. 10Once a year Aaron must purify the altar by smearing on its four corners#30.10 four corners: See 27.2; 30.2. the blood of an animal sacrificed for sin, and this practice must always be followed. The altar is sacred because it is dedicated to me.
The money for the sacred tent
11The LORD said to Moses:
12Find out how many grown men there are in Israel and require each of them to pay me to keep him safe from danger while you are counting them. 13-15#Exod 38.25,26; Matt 17.24.Each man over nineteen, whether rich or poor, must pay me the same amount of money, weighed according to the official standards. 16This money is to be used for the upkeep of the sacred tent, and because of it, I will never forget my people.
The large bronze bowl
(Exodus 38.8)
17The LORD said to Moses:
18-21 # Exod 38.8. Make a large bronze bowl and a bronze stand for it. Then put them between the altar for sacrifice and the sacred tent, so the priests can wash their hands and feet before entering the tent or offering a sacrifice on the altar. Each priest in every generation must wash himself in this way, or else he will die there.
The oil for dedication and ordination
(Exodus 37.29)
22 # Exod 37.29. The LORD said to Moses:
23-25Mix four litres of olive oil with the following costly spices: six kilogrammes of myrrh, three kilogrammes of cinnamon, three kilogrammes of cane, and six kilogrammes of cassia. Measure these according to the official standards. Then use this sacred mixture 26for dedicating the tent and chest, 27the table with its equipment, the lampstand with its equipment, the incense altar with all its utensils, 28the altar for sacrifices, and the large bowl with its stand. 29By dedicating them in this way, you will make them so holy that anyone who even touches them will become holy.
30When you ordain Aaron and his sons as my priests, sprinkle them with some of this oil, 31and say to the people of Israel: “This oil must always be used in the ordination service of a priest. It is holy because it is dedicated to the LORD. 32So treat it as holy! Don't ever use it for everyday purposes or mix any for yourselves. 33If you do, you will no longer belong to the LORD's people.”
The sweet-smelling incense
The LORD said:
34-35Mix equal amounts of the costly spices stacte, onycha, galbanum, and pure frankincense, then add salt to make the mixture pure and holy. 36Pound some of it into powder and sprinkle it in front of the sacred chest, where I meet with you. Be sure to treat this incense as something very holy. 37It is truly holy because it is dedicated to me, so don't ever make any for yourselves. 38If you ever make any of it to use as perfume, you will no longer belong to my people.