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1 Samuel About these stories

About these stories
These stories are about things that happened about 3,000 years ago, in the country called Israel.
Somebody wrote these stories in a big book called Samuel with lots of other stories, but it was too big, so they split it into 2 books, called 1 Samuel, and 2 Samuel. They were in God’s book, that the Jewish people had before Jesus came to this earth. They are now in the 1st part of the Holy Bible, called the Old Testament.
We have not yet translated all of the stories from 1 Samuel.
The stories in this book are about 3 men called Samuel, Saul, and David.
Samuel was God’s messenger to the Israel nation. God got him to pick Saul to be their big boss. At first Saul lived the right way, but later, he went wrong. So God told Samuel that he was going to make David the next big boss of the Israel nation. David was a very young man at that time. As he grew older, Saul got jealous of him and made trouble for him.
These stories are important, and we can learn a lot from them. They help us know what God is like, and how he looks after his people. And they show us the sort of person God wants.





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