Psalms 90
1 The prayer of Moses, the man of God. Lord, thou art made help to us; from generation into generation.
2Before that hills were made, either the earth and the world was formed; from the world and into the world, thou art God.
3Turn thou not away a man into lowness; and thou saidest, Ye sons of men, be turned again.
4For a thousand years be before thine eyes; as yesterday, which is passed, and as [the] keeping in the night.
5The years of them shall be; that be had for nought. Early pass he, as an herb,
6early flourish he, and pass; in the eventide fall he down, be he hard, and wax he dry.
7For we have failed in thine ire; and we be troubled in thy strong vengeance.
8Thou hast set [or put] our wicked-nesses in thy sight; our world in the lightening of thy cheer.
9For all our days have failed; and we have failed in thine ire. Our years we shall bethink upon as a spider;
10the days of our years be those seventy years. Forsooth, if fourscore or eighty years be in mighty men; and the more time of them is travail and sorrow. For mildness came above; and we shall be chastised.
11Who knew the power of thine ire; and durst number thine ire for thy dread?
12Make thy right hand so known; and make men learned in heart by wisdom.
13Lord, be thou converted some-deal; and be thou able to be prayed of by thy servants.
14We were [ful] filled early with thy mercy; we made full out joy, and we delighted in all our days.
15We were glad for the days in which thou madest us meek; for the years in which we saw evils.
16Lord, behold thou into thy servants, and into thy works; and dress thou the sons of them.
17And the shining of our Lord God be on us; and dress thou the works of our hands on us; and dress thou the works of our hands.

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